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May 16

Common money mistakes we are all guilty of!

Posted by:AutoMoney

We’ve all been there – had a tricky month financially, overspent on non-essential items or even forgotten to pay a bill on time; it...

May 11

The real MPG winners

Posted by:AutoMoney

Over the past few years, the most efficient cars have had the added benefit of securing cheaper road tax. But if you are looking for a new car, which...

May 03

What does a HPI check cover?

Posted by:AutoMoney

We’ve all heard of HPI checks thanks to the number of adverts on the TV, magazines and news articles. But what does a standard HPI check...

Apr 26

What information do you need to collect after a car accident?

Posted by:AutoMoney

Although we would probably rather not think about the possibility of having a car accident, the reality is that they do happen often on our busy...

Apr 12

Increase in the number of cars fitted with a black box

Posted by:AutoMoney

A recent study has shown that nearly half a million motorists in the UK have opted to have a telematics black box fitted in their cars, as part of...

Apr 06

Have you broken any of these motoring laws?

Posted by:AutoMoney

If you drive a car, the chances are pretty high that you have broken the law! Disagree? Take a read of these lesser known laws….we’re...

Mar 29

Escaping a sinking car

Posted by:AutoMoney

Hopefully, escaping a sinking car is something that none of us will have to go through, but nevertheless, it is important to have some sort of...

Mar 21

Driving through floods and standing water

Posted by:AutoMoney

After a couple of heavy downpours, flooded roads are to be expected. But how you drive to the conditions is very important and can, of course,...

Mar 14

Drink-Drive Limit Not Moving

Posted by:AutoMoney

There has been a lot of talk recently about the current drink-drive limit and whether or not is should be lowered. Speculation was rife that the...

Mar 03

Is banking on your smartphone safe?

Posted by:AutoMoney

Smartphones and apps are capable of many great things, including the ability to check our bank balance by pressing just a few buttons. Some banks even...

Borrow with confidence

Borrow with confidence

We are PROUD MEMBERS of The Consumer Credit Trade Association. AutoMoney were forerunners in the creation of The CCTA Lending Code of Practice and we adhere strictly to its principles. Click here to view. ALWAYS MAKE SURE THE LENDER IS A MEMBER.

350.5%APR Representative
Representative example: Loan amount £1000. Duration 18 months. Repayable by 16 monthly repayments of £170.42 and one of £198.42 (includes Bill of Sale registration fee of £28) commencing two months from the date of the loan. Total amount repayable £2925.14. Rate of interest 187% per annum fixed. Representative 350.5%APR. LOANS ARE SECURED ON YOUR CAR. The vehicle may be repossessed if you do not keep up the repayments.