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Dec 23

Top Selling Cars of 2014

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Top selling cars of 2014

Now the end of the year is almost upon us, we thought we would take a look at some of the top selling cars of 2014 – do you own one of these, or plan to soon?


As one of the best executive cars on the market at the moment, it was hardly a surprise to see this on the list of best selling cars. With over 32,000 registrations in the 2014, although a slow start to the year effected overall figures, it is still good news for BMW, and something we are sure that they will build on for 2015.

9. FIAT 500  

It seems that the throwback to past times has really worked for Fiat, with this very retro looking car having over 38,000 registrations in 2014. A winner for people living in busy cities, the small, compact, but nippy Fiat 500 has proven to be a positive for Fiat in a year that hasn’t been the best for them. 

8. AUDI A3

Following on very close from the Fiat 500 is the A3 brought to us from Audi. Although it has the same platform and contains a lot of the same engine elements as the Volkswagen Golf, the Audi A3 really shows the difference in brand, feel and class. With over 39,000 registrations this year, it proves that it is a popular car, providing family friendly features with a superior feel about it. 


With more than 40,000 registrations in 2014, the Polo fits the supermini specification very well. A smaller version of the Golf, the Polo is a family favourite with good handling and city appeal, even if it is a bit pricier than some of its direct competitors. 


Breaking away from those in the places below it, the Nissan Qashqai secured over 43,000 registrations in the year of 2014 and could be considered responsible for kick-starting the UK’s current obsession with SUV-type cars. 


As a main rival for Ford’s Focus, the popular family friendly Astra is still featured high up on the list of top selling cars this year, with over 51,000 registrations, creating quite a divide in numbers between 5th and 6th place. 


Ensuring that there are two Volkswagen cars in the top ten, the Golf delivers again, year after year. A great little family car with some real go under the hood, it is no wonder that there have been over 64,000 registrations in the last year.


After undergoing a recent facelift and resurgence, the Corsa has come back stronger than ever. Thanks to very competitive prices and finance offers, the Corsa has made its way into the top three, securing over 68,000 registrations.


As the powerhouse of Ford along with the Fiesta, the Focus is the ideal car for busy family life. Big enough to cater for any need, but compact and economical enough to be cheap and pleasing to run, Ford have delivered once again with over 75,000 registrations. 


Driving straight into first place is another Ford, this time the supermini that is the Fiesta. A joy to drive, complete with mod cons and a sleek look, the Fiesta ticks all of the boxes needed, including practicality and economy, but also being fun to drive. And with over 116,000 registrations (that’s 41,000 MORE than the 2nd placed Focus) in 2014 alone, who are we to argue!

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