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Jan 06

What to go for? 3dr vs. 5dr

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When buying a car, it is important to not only think about the cost of the car and the look of the car, but also whether or not it fits your needs. If you have a family with 2 children and a dog, a 3 door car is probably not going to be the best option for you. But on the other hand, if you are single or have no need for anyone to get into the back of your car, a 3 door car might work out being better and more economical for you.

Below we take a closer look at the advantages for both a 3 door car and a 5 door car.

Advantages of a 3 door car:

The look – if you have a 3 door car, it is usually more sporty looking that a traditional 5 door car. But it isn’t only about the looks. The majority of the best performing hot hatch cars are also 3 door.

The 3 door versions are general cheaper than their bigger 5 door brothers and this can be by a significant amount, at least a few hundred pounds cheaper. 

Disadvantages of a 3 door car: 

Blind spots can be a problem in a sportier looking 3 door cars as the rear windows are generally more angular, as they are not opened like regular door windows and therefore the car can contain large pillars in the back. 

The doors on a 3 door car are often heavier and wider than the doors found on a 5 door car and as such drivers generally have to be mindful of this when parking to ensure that they have enough space to open the doors! 

Advantages of a 5 door car:

With easier access to the back for passengers, especially children and pets, a 5 door car is generally more family friendly. And when it comes to getting a child’s car seat in and out of the back, a 5 door car is essential. 

5 door cars will often retain value better than their 3 door counterparts, especially if it is a family friendly car, like a Focus for example.

Disadvantages of a 5 door car:

Due to the extra space in the back for passengers, the leg room in the front of the car is generally a little more restricted and therefore slightly less than the leg space you would find in a 3 door car.

Also, due to the extra weight of the car, with and without passengers in the back, the 5 door car will usually cost more to run in fuel and may not be as cost effective as a 3 door car. 

Overall, there are significant plus and minus points for both cars, so it really does depend on what your day to day needs for the car are. Before buying, it is important to think about these and discuss your needs with your salesperson before signing any paperwork to ensure that you are getting the car that is right for you and your needs.

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