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Feb 09

Key breakdown insurance terms

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When buying breakdown cover, it is important to know what you are looking for. These days with more cars than ever before on the road, breakdown cover should be viewed as a must, but depending on your needs, there are a variety of different options open to you.

Breakdown insurance terms

Roadside assistance:

If you select to have roadside assistance, you are basically buying 24 hour breakdown cover. This will normally include taking you and your car to a nearby garage, if your car cannot be fixed by the roadside. Cover is available for all sorts of vehicles, such as motorbikes, cars and small vans, and roadside assistance normally kicks in as long as you are ¼ mile away from home.

Home start:

This is a very popular add on – how many times have you heard horror stories from friends and families getting ready to leave the house for work only to find that their car won’t start on their driveway and they had to call for assistance? Home start, or home breakdown cover, is definitely something to consider adding to your breakdown plan – if you were to break down on your driveway, just outside your house, or within ¼ mile from home, you are then covered. 


Taking you from local to national assistance, this option, or its equivalent is well worth considering regardless of how often you leave your local area. You never know when you are going to breakdown and it could just be that one time you are 100 miles away from home on that one off journey. If the vehicle cannot be fixed, national relay means that you, your vehicle and your passengers are taken to a location of your choice, be it home, your original destination, or a local garage. 

Although different breakdown companies may offer slightly different packages with different names, these tend to be the main cover types for consideration when buying cover. It is also worth shopping around to see what deals you can get.

Once you are covered, it is a good idea to make a note of any important information, such as the number to call in case of an emergency as well as your membership number and keep it stored somewhere safely in the car – in the glove box is generally a good idea. 

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