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Feb 25

Driving on the green side

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With more and more emphasis on being green in today’s modern world, car drivers are not exempt. But with a few extra checks and tips, you can be green too and save some fuel while you are at it!

driving green

Tyre pressure:

Checking tyre pressure at regular intervals and before long journeys will help your car to be more efficient. Driving on under inflated tyres creates more rolling resistance, which means you will be using far more fuel than you would if the tyres were inflated correctly.

Heavy loads?:

The heavier the load in the car, the more fuel you will use. Consider what is in your car on a day to day basis and remove anything that is substantial in weight before any further journeys to cut your fuel bill.

Make a short cut:

Cold starts and short journeys can cause a sharp decrease in your fuel tank as short journeys tend to use more fuel. Combine your shopping trips and errands to run into one session, so you can try and get everything done within one journey rather than shorter journeys every day. 

Change up:

To make sure that the engine isn’t overworked and therefore, more likely to develop a problem in the future, make sure that you change gear as soon as possible. To be more economical, drivers of diesel cars should change up at around 2,000 rpm and petrol drivers at around 2,500 rpm.

Turn off:

Fuel consumption is also affected by running lots of electrical loads – heated windscreen, blowers, and lights can all add to the load on the car. Make sure that once your rear window is de-iced, you turn it off and the same applied to blowers and lights. 

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