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Feb 27

Things to consider when driving abroad

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If you are planning on driving abroad for a day trip or for a holiday, there are a few things to consider. 

driving abroad signIt isn’t as simple as pack the car and head off, as the rules of the road are different in every country, but we have a few tips that will help! 

Driving abroad – essentials:

Make sure that when you do plan to drive abroad, you have the following documents with you:

Full valid driving licence. This has to be a full licence and not a provisional

The paper counterpart to the full driving licence

The original V5 (log book) for the vehicle you are driving

Valid motor insurance certificate

Passport/s for you and any passengers

An International Driving Permit, if necessary

If the car isn’t yours (perhaps a company car), you may need a letter from the owner (or the company) confirming that you are permitted to use it.

Extra equipment:

Some countries require drivers to have additional items in the car at all times. These can include:

Spare light bulbs

High visibility jacket or vest

Warning triangle in case of an accident

Breathalyser kit

Not having these can result in a heavy on the spot fine – so check the requirements of each country you are visiting – even if you are just “driving through”.

The GB sign

When driving your car abroad, you must display a GB sign on your vehicle. This can either be in the form of Europlates or the more conventional and traditional GB sticker. 

A failure to comply and display one of the above could also result in an on the spot fine.

In countries outside of the EU, GB stickers are needed instead of the EU plates. 

Filling the tank

Consider your fuel needs – some garages do not accept UK issued credit cards. Check with the card company before you go to see if their cards are accepted in the country you plan to visit to avoid any issues or awkward situations. 

A definite No No! 

In most European countries, the drink drive limit is LOWER than in the UK, so it is best to steer clear of all alcoholic beverages whilst driving abroad. Many countries have a zero tolerance policy also. 

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