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Apr 16

How to curb spending when you need to save money

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curb spendingIt is possible to curb spending habits and save money in the long run, although it isn’t easy! 

First of all, you need to think. On a day to day basis, how much do you spend on non-essentials? Non essentials include things like, expensive and non-healthy lunches from the van that drives round, magazines and newspapers, morning coffee, or a pint after work.

For example, if you are buying a medium latte every morning on the way to work at £2.45, you are spending £12.25 per week. Forgetting any annual leave, that is a whopping £637 per year! Now, consider how much it costs for a jar of instant coffee and a flask / insulated cup. All of a sudden, you can start seeing where cut backs can be made, saving you a lot of money in the long run. 

Other areas to consider include:


If you like to have your hair cut on a regular basis, every 6 weeks as recommended, this can set you back around £200 per year, based on the average cost of £24 for just a trim. If you add a colour or restyle into the mix, that can be north of £500 a year!

Solution – investigate your local college. Most colleges have a health and beauty department with students that need to practice on real life models. However, all students are under the watchful eye of their tutor and have also practiced on other students / dummies. Prices at colleges can vary, but most treatments come in well under £20! 


Let’s be honest, everyone loves a good takeaway. Chinese, Indian, pizza, or something different, takeaways are always on our radar thanks to the sheer amount of pamphlets and menus that are passed through our mail boxes on a weekly basis! 

Solution – get creative! If you enjoy a good Indian on a regular basis, stock up your pantry with a load of different spices and herbs and have a go at making your own version of your favourite takeaway dish. It is possible to find a budget friendly recipe online for thousands of different dishes thanks to the internet and who knows, you might find your true calling in the kitchen! 
(Another top tip would be to save any leftovers to eat for lunch the next day at work, or for a freezer dinner)


If you buy a lot of CDs or download a lot of music via Google Play or iTunes, you can soon rack up a big bill before you know it!

Solution – sign up for a free (but legal) streaming service such as Spotify. With your favourite songs, old and new on demand, you have the option of having a free account that has restrictions, or a premium account with a capped monthly subscription fee of £9.99 per month – that is the equivalent of 10 songs on Google Play or iTunes!

Cinema trips:

If you like to have cinema trips with friends, it can soon add up and be an expensive night out. Before you know it, after a ticket has been purchased and the compulsory addition of popcorn and drinks, you are probably the best part of £30 down, depending on your location! If you go to the cinema once a month, this can total a huge £360 per year!

Solution – take it in turns with your friends to hold a film night. All bring something to eat or drink, pop on a DVD, stream something via Netflix, or watch something on TV. You will still have all the fun of going for a trip to the movies, but have the ability to pause the film for a toilet break – and that is never a bad thing!

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