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Jul 24

4 tips for a better morning commute

Posted by:AutoMoney

Unless you’re a morning person, getting up bright and early can be a rude awakening! If you’re commuting via car, there are many things you can do that help your morning get off on the right foot (or pedal!)


Whether you refuel at McDonalds’s or you have time to get something to eat before you leave home, breakfast is a very important meal and should be enjoyed, not rushed if you can help it! By having breakfast in the morning, you are nice and full, and mentally more able to concentrate on the journey ahead, which in turn makes you a safer driver! Don’t eat and drive at the same time though!

Get your sing-song on!

The morning commute can be very hard, especially in the winter months with dark skies and cold weather. However to help you through, tune into a radio station that you love – enjoy the music or the chatter and before you know it, you’ll have arrived at your destination.

If the radio isn’t for you, create a playlist, if you have a car that allows audio hook up via phone AUX cables, or compile a mixed CD or memory card to keep your spirits up. But remember, when at the wheel, do not use your mobile phone – even if just to change song.

Plan ahead

Morning commute Knowing your route is always a bonus, but being aware of alternative routes is also a good idea in case you get stuck in traffic. By driving different routes on a regular basis, you will also be keeping yourself alert to the road, as you will struggle to switch into auto pilot on a road you’re not as familiar with. Set traffic alerts up on your radio so that you can stay up to date with any traffic news where you are (these will override your music if you’re not listening to the radio) and keep a map in your boot or glove compartment to consult if needed – never when driving though, make sure you pull over in a safe place! The same applies for reprogramming your sat nav!

Two’s company

Finally, why not get a driving buddy? Having someone to talk to in the mornings is a great help and you might find that the journey goes far quicker. Not only will you have company, you can even split the fuel bill so that you actually save money. Car sharing is something that big organisations are keen to push to reduce their environmental footprint (and car parking requirements), so it might be worth seeing if your company offers a rewards scheme for this. If nothing else, it is a great way to get to know someone else, spend some time with them and save a bit of money – perfect! If you’re driving buddy is also happy to drive, you’re on to a winner and can share the load throughout the month!

Borrow with confidence

Borrow with confidence

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