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Sep 02

Hiring a car, hidden costs to look out for!

Posted by:AutoMoney

Hidden Hire ChargesHiring a car is sometimes the best solution or option to an issue or situation - especially holidays. Instead of taking your own car, it is sometimes a good idea to hire a car instead. Or is it?

More and more people are dealing with hidden charges when it comes to hiring cars which in most cases means, more money to hand over? We have a look at two of the most common and biggest hidden charges to help you from getting stung in the future. Read on before signing the hire agreement...

Hire car excess

Ah, excess, and of course that means insurance! Often, named drivers on the hire car are sold separate policies by the hire company that will cover the driver for the cost of the FIRST part of any claim if the car is damaged. So whilst that sounds good, reality is far from it. With costs of around £20.00 PER DAY, this cover generally isn’t comprehensive, so chances are, you will be caught out and made to pay for additional things if you are in an accident whilst in a hire car.

You are far better to get your own policy independent of the car hire dealer, so that you can get the best deal possible and not be given the hard sell when you pick up your hire car.

Fuel in the tank

Also known as full-to-empty and full-to-full, these two different options can make a big difference to you.

Full-to-empty is when your car rental company make you pay for a tank of fuel upfront, before getting the car. Then, as part of your agreement, you will need to return the car back with an empty tank. Failure to do so will result in losing out on the fuel you have paid for and also the possibility of a fine for not sticking to the agreed contract. Ouch!

Full-to-full is a far better option! You receive the car with a full tank, and therefore take it back with a full tank. This means you are only topping up the tank with what you have used, a far better option in general!

One more thing to look out for when hiring a car...

Make sure that you have a good look around at the condition of the car BEFORE you drive off the forecourt. Take photographs, which are date stamped ideally, of any dents, chips, defects or internal damage that you can see before leaving the premise. Make sure to keep these safe in case they are used against you at a later date! Most decent car hire companies will go around the vehicle with you before you have ownership of the car to plot any such things, but not always. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Borrow with confidence

Borrow with confidence

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