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Sep 10

Texting at the wheel

Posted by:AutoMoney

Texting at the wheelWith technology always changing and more and more of us attached to our smartphones and devices, the AA carried out a recent study to find out once and for all, what people think to texting at the wheel.

The stats are quite amazing…

  • Over 55% of all drivers* believe that it is OK to read or reply to a text while at the wheel of a car. The same 55% of all drivers also think it is acceptable to read or reply to a message when pulled over, with the engine running.
  • 31% believe that it is ok to read when stationary in queuing traffic
  • 25% of older drivers, aged 65+ believe it is fine to read a text or send one when queuing in traffic
  • One in ten think it is acceptable to read a text message when stopped at a red light with this number rising to 23% of 25-34 year olds and 16% of participants living in London
  • In slow moving traffic, one in twenty believe that it is acceptable to read or reply to a message in slow moving traffic
  • When pulled over but with the engine running, 50% of females asked believe that it is OK to use their phones, with 31% of females admitting they would read a message in slow moving traffic or if they were queuing
  • 40% of study participants believe that its acceptable to write a text when parked with the engine running

Driving instructors and parents are being asked to really emphasise that phones should never be used behind the wheel of a car, especially as the police are clamping down hard on mobile phone usage.

And it isn’t just the police that offenders have to worry about – insurance premiums rise on average 26% once a mobile phone offence (CU80) has been admitted and applied to insurance cover. To put it into context, on average, premiums will only rise around 12% for a SP30 speeding offence.

It’s clear that all drivers, regardless of age need to understand and respect that using a phone when driving is illegal and unsafe.

*the stats in this article relate to the 28,265 motorists that took part in the AA survey

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