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Nov 25

The Driving Theory Test – Could You Pass It?

Posted by:AutoMoney

If you have been driving for a while, the chances are that you haven’t even had to lay eyes on the recent version of the theory test! Statistics have shown that over the years, this test has become increasingly harder to pass – in 2008, 7 out of 10 applicants passed. Now it is 5 out of 10!

So, the question is, could you pass?

Q1) You can drive OVER a footpath if...

a – No pedestrians are using the footpath
b – You are getting to a property
c – You need to overtake a slow moving vehicle in front
d – It is at a dip in the kerb

Q2) Car passengers MUST wear a seatbelt if there is one available, unless they are...

a – in a vehicle fitted with airbags
b – sitting in the rear seat
c – travelling within a congestion charging zone
d – exempt for medical reasons

Q3) You are waiting to emerge at a junction but parked vehicles are restricting your view. What can you do to help you see?

a – get out of the car and look
b – check your interior mirrors
c – look in a shop’s window reflection to see the traffic
d – ask a passenger to look behind

Q4) What does SORN stand for?

a – Signed On-Road Notification
b – Statutory Off-Road Notification
c – Signally Off-Road Notice
d – Staying Off-Road Notice

Q5) Signals are normally given by direction indicators and...

a – interior lights
b – side lights
c – brake lights
d – fog lights

Q6) You want to park downhill; you should...

a – park with one wheel up on the kerb
b – park as close as possible to the car in front
c – turn the steering wheel towards the kerb and put the handbrake on
d – park with two wheels up on the kerb

Q7) You need to slow down quickly on a motorway due to a hazard in front you. You should...

a - flash your headlights
b – switch on your hazard lights
c – wave your arm out of the window
d – switch lane to avoid the hazard

Q8) You are approaching a bend at high speed. You should begin to brake...

a – after changing gears
b – on the bend
c – before the bend
d – after the bend

Q9) You wish to park in a 40mph zone which has traffic flowing in both directions. At night, you should park...

a -  on the right side of the road, with your parking lights on
b – on the left side of the road, with your parking lights on
c – on the left side of the road, without any lights activated
d – on the right side of the road, with dimmer headlights

Q10) In which scenario should you never consider overtaking a cyclist...

a – immediately before making a left hand turn
b – on approach to a roundabout
c – while approaching a right hand bend
d – when the road is narrower than usual


Q1) b Q6) c
Q2) d Q7) b
Q3) c Q8) c
Q4) b Q9) c
Q5) c Q10) a

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