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Apr 06

Have you broken any of these motoring laws?

Posted by:AutoMoney

If you drive a car, the chances are pretty high that you have broken the law! 

Disagree? Take a read of these lesser known laws….we’re sure you will find them quite surprising! 

Driving with snow on your roof

This is a newish law, but snow on the roof of a moving car is now deemed to be a hazard. 
Most people clear the snow off their cars, but often forget the roof. This negligence could, however, result in a lot of trouble for motorists if they are spotted. Snow can easily slide off the roof of your vehicle as it starts to melt, or if you have to slow suddenly, possibly obscuring your vision or dropping off onto a car behind, potentially causing damage or an accident. 

Getting pedestrins wet

This one is totally understandable; if you have ever been splashed by a motorist, you will know how frustrating and rude it is, even if it wasn’t intentional. If you are caught splashing a pedestrian, you could find yourself given fixed penalty notice or even end up in court and made to answer for your actions. 

Leaving your engine running

Although this sounds pretty obvious, chances are, we have all been guilty of this one. Think about when you defrost your car in the mornings, or if you suddenly dash back to your front door to double check it is locked – you leave your car with the engine running. However, if you are caught doing so you could find that you are left with a large fine as it is illegal to leave a car running unattended. 


Obviously, we all know that texting or using your phone at all whilst driving is illegal, but it is also illegal to use your phone in your car even when your car is stationary. Sat at the traffic lights is not a safe, appropriate place to use your phone! Remember, if you need to use your phone, pull over in a safe place, switch your engine off and then use your phone! 

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Borrow with confidence

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