AutoMoney is committed to providing you with the best service possible. However, there may be occasions when things go wrong and our service falls short of your expectations. In such cases, please let us know straight away so we can try to put things right. This will help us to improve our services and products. We are committed to handling complaints promptly and fairly.

This summary describes the operation of the AutoMoney Complaints Handling Procedure and shall provide information about what to expect when you have lodged a Complaint with AutoMoney. The Procedure is written to reflect the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) Complaints Handling Rules and relevant guidance issued by the Financial Ombudsman Service (“FOS”).

What Is a Complaint?

According to the definition in the FCA Handbook rules a Complaint is as follows:

  • Any oral or written expression of dissatisfaction, whether justified or not, from, or on behalf of, a person about the provision of, or failure to provide, a financial service or a redress determination, which: alleges that the complainant has suffered (or may suffer) financial loss, material distress or material inconvenience; and relates to an activity of that respondent, or of any other respondent with whom that respondent has some connection in marketing or providing financial services or products, which comes under the jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service.

The complaint must relate to an activity of AutoMoney or can extend to any other party with whom AutoMoney has engaged on its behalf to market or provide financial services or products.

AutoMoney’s Complaints Handling Procedure applies to those statements that are classified as “complaints” under the above definition.

Who is Entitled to Lodge a Complaint?

A complaint may be lodged by any person who has interacted with AutoMoney or any person authorised by the person who has interacted with AutoMoney. This would usually be a customer or a proposed customer.

In some instances a complaint could be made by a third party who has purported to acquire a vehicle that is subject to an undischarged bill of sale with AutoMoney. Although we will apply our complaints handling procedures to that party they are not likely to be an “eligible complainant” under the FCA rules and so will not have FOS referral rights (see below).

Complaint Handling Stages

Where to Lodge Your Complaint

Complaints may be made in person or in writing at an AutoMoney location, or by telephone. Please provide your contact information and address in case your complaint cannot be resolved immediately, so that we may contact you for more information as needed, or with a resolution.

A complaint can also be made by someone on your behalf, such as a solicitor, a debt adviser or family and friends. We will however require your signed written authority to be able to deal with them.

Complaints may also be lodged by writing to us at the following address:

The Director of Operations
139 Eastbank Street
Southport, PR8 1DQ.

01704 535326

Complaint Receipt Stage

AutoMoney attempts to resolve each complaint as soon as possible. The circumstances of your complaint may be such that AutoMoney is able to resolve your complaint by the close of the third business day after your complaint was received. If such a resolution occurs and you have indicated that you accept the response your complaint will be considered closed and no further action will be taken by AutoMoney.

We will promptly send you a ‘summary resolution communication’, which refers to the fact that you made a complaint, informs you that we consider your complaint to have been resolved, advises you that if you subsequently decide that you are dissatisfied with the resolution of the complaint you may be able to refer your complaint to the FOS within six months of our response to you, and provide you with their contact details.

If your complaint is unable to be resolved by the close of the third business day after AutoMoney’s receipt of your complaint, AutoMoney will provide you with a letter acknowledging receipt of your complaint. An AutoMoney representative may also contact you by telephone. The Receipt Acknowledgement Letter shall detail how your complaint will be handled. The letter will also include this Complaints Handling Procedure Summary.

AutoMoney may also receive your complaint from other parties who have forwarded your complaint to AutoMoney because they believe that AutoMoney is the proper party to address the complaint. Complaints received in this manner will be treated as if they were received from you directly.

Complaint Investigation Stage

If your complaint is not resolved by the close of the third business day after AutoMoney’s receipt, AutoMoney representatives will conduct a full investigation into your complaint.

AutoMoney representatives may contact you to gather additional information. This may be to enable us to better understand the facts and circumstances giving rise to your complaints or how the matter complained about has affected you. We encourage you to cooperate with our investigation as this will aid AutoMoney in reaching a speedy and appropriate resolution with you.

In dealing with complaints AutoMoney will also take account of guidance and any relevant past decisions published by the Financial Ombudsman Service.

There may be instances where the investigation determines that another party is responsible for all or part of the details of the complaint. In such a case, AutoMoney may forward the all or part of the complaint to the appropriate party and advise you it has done so.

Complaint Response Stage

This section applies if your complaint is not resolved within the third working day as described under the Complaints Receipt Stage above. Automoney will try issue a written response to your complaint as soon as possible and in any event usually within eight weeks of receipt of your complaint.

The final response will consist of one of the following:

  • AutoMoney will accept the complaint, and when appropriate, will offer redress or other remedial action;
  • AutoMoney does not accept the complaint but in exceptional circumstances might offer redress or remedial action as a goodwill gesture;
  • AutoMoney rejects the complaint and explains why the complaint has been rejected;
  • An indication that a final response cannot be issued at this time, including an explanation of why it cannot provided and when AutoMoney expects to issue a final response; or
  • An indication that all or part of the complaint has been forwarded to another party with an explanation as to why AutoMoney believes the other party should address the complaint or relevant part of the complaint. If only a part of the complaint is forwarded to another party, AutoMoney will provide an appropriate response to the remaining portion of the complaint applicable to AutoMoney.

Where redress is offered in the form of compensation then our aim will be to put the complainant in the position as if the mistake by us had not occurred.

An AutoMoney representative may contact you further to make appropriate redress or remedial arrangements if such a resolution has been reached. 

Where we uphold your complaint and offer a remedial action or redress we will process the remediation or redress promptly once our offer has been accepted.

Financial Ombudsman Service

If you are not satisfied with AutoMoney’s response or AutoMoney indicates that it is not able to issue a response within 8 weeks, you will be entitled to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Any such referral must be completed within 6 months of the date of the final response. The final response will include the Financial Ombudsman Service standard explanatory leaflet which describes how a complaint may be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

It is important that you give us the opportunity of addressing your concerns first before escalating your complaint to the Ombudsman Service as they will only consider your complaint after we have had the opportunity to sort out the matter under our internal complaints process.

Their details are below:

Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
E14 9SR

Telephone: 0800 023 4567 (calls are free from a land line)

Consumer Credit Trade Association Conciliation Service

AutoMoney is a member of the Consumer Credit Trade Association (“CCTA”). The CCTA offers a conciliation service through which customers may lodge complaints which will then be handled by the CCTA through the service.

You may wish to take advantage of this service at any time. If so, you should contact the CCTA at 01274 714959. You may also visit the CCTA website at: Using this service does not take away any other rights you have including the right to escalate your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Data Privacy Complaints

Complaints about the privacy of your personal data should be submitted to us at AutoMoney, 139 Eastbank Street, Southport PR8 1DQ. In the unlikely event your complaint regarding the privacy of your personal data remains unresolved after submission to us, U.K. residents may contact the American Arbitration Association at their website,, or at their New York office at (212)484-4181.

Please read our Privacy Policy.

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