Updating Your Marketing Preferences

From time to time we like to update our customers regarding aspects of their account and our services.

These will be either: New Loans, Topping Up Existing Loans, New Products and Rate Reductions.

Please select which options we can use to keep you up to date with our services from the list below:

IMPORTANT: We will never pass your details to any third parties unless you give us further express permission to do so in the future.

  • This includes messages such as whether you are eligible to top up your existing loan in case you ever need further borrowing.
  • This includes messages such as updates on the balance of your loan and completion of your loan.
  • This also includes messages such as how long is left on your loan and confirmation of the completion of your loan.
  • Some customers prefer us to contact them in person regarding topping up their loan etc.
Looking for something else? Try one of these: