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A car company embroiled in a diesel emissions cheating scandal was No.1 for customer loyalty in Australia with sentimental favourite Holden nowhere to be seen.

Volkswagen beat Toyota when it came to customer satisfaction with 61.5 per cent of motorists indicating they would buy the same brand again, Roy Morgan market research released this month showed.

The German car giant, which has the Golf hatchback as its volume seller, topped the customer satisfaction charts in June, just three years after being embroiled in a diesel emissions scandal.

Volkswagen (Golf hatch pictured) beat Toyota with 61.5 per cent of motorists indicating they would buy the same brand again, Roy Morgan research showed

In September 2015, Volkswagen’s brand loyalty score collapsed from 66 per cent to 49 per cent after Californian authorities discovered it had installed special software in its diesel cars that would produce clean results in laboratory tests.

Roy Morgan chief executive Michele Levine said Volkswagen’s triumph in the survey of 50,000 people illustrated how a brand, best known for the Beetle and the Kombi van, could rebuild its reputation.

‘Every CEO and marketing director in the world learned a lesson from the controversy that engulfed Volkswagen in 2015, but they can now learn another lesson – how a brand can recover from that kind of slump,’ she said.

Toyota, which has a good reputation for reliability, came a close second to Volkswagen with 59.6 per cent of customers indicating they would buy the brand again.

The Japanese car brand produces the Hilux ute, Australia’s top-selling vehicle again in September, and the Corolla, Australia’s top-selling small car.



1. Toyota HiLux, 4,338 sales, 13.5%

2. Ford Ranger, 3,228 sales, -25.2%

3. Toyota Corolla, 2,917 sales, -4.5%

4. Hyundai i30, 2,508 sales, +9%

5. Mitsubishi ASX, 2,138 sales, +40.1%

6. Nissan X-Trail, 1,908 sales, +43.1%

7. Mitsubishi Triton, 1,857 sales, +7.2%

8. Mazda3, 1,842 sales, -33.6%

9. Toyota LandCruiser, 1,741 sales, +7.9%

10. Nissan Navara, 1,713 sales, +45.9%

Source: Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries VFacts data for September 2018 versus September 2017


It was followed by Mazda, which inspired the loyalty of 57.6 per cent of customers, and Subaru on 54.4 per cent.

Honda, another Japanese brand, was the only other car company to satisfy a majority of its drivers with 50.9 per cent indicating they would buy it again.

Korean giant Hyundai came fifth with 47.7 per cent of customers declaring they would make a repeat purchase.

Holden was nowhere on the top five almost a year after it stopped manufacturing in Australia the Commodore, the local bestseller every year from 1996 to 2010.

When it came to sales, Toyota has been Australia’s most popular brand in 2018 so far, with an 18.4 per cent market share, significantly ahead of Mazda’s 9.8 per cent, Hyundai’s 8.3 per cent and Volkswagen’s 4.9 per cent.

The Volkswagen Golf, Australia’s 17th most popular car in September, is comfortably outsold by the Toyota Corolla, Mazda3 and the Hyundai i30 but not the Honda Civic or the Subaru Impreza.

Subaru wasn’t in the top 10 when it came to bestselling brands but the Forester was the 16th most popular car.

There was no Holden model in the top 20.

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